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Your 2015 JLY Films’ Story


As we welcome in a shiny new 2016, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on you.

What did your support mean to JLY Films in 2015?

yes is a world
& in this world of yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds

― E.E. Cummings

In 2015, you said yes to JLY films and in doing so uncurled a more caring and compassionate world.

Look what you made happen in 2015!

Because you said yes to JLY Films, this year the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences awarded us not one but two MidAmerica Regional Emmy Awards gaining us respect and recognition in our field and opening doors to new productions and modes of distribution.  Your support made this happen.

Over 38 million people in Poland will have the opportunity to learn about, better understand and acquire the skills to accept their family, friends and community members living with autism.   We are celebrating the new year by launching Just Like You – Autyzm – Polish Translation.  Your support made this happen.

We produced an anti-bullying pledge video that prompted thousands of kids to make a personal pledge to end bullying.  We re so proud of YAB members and Shawnee Mission East Students, Julie Bond, Grace Chisholm, Emily Frigon, Holly Frigon, Kyle O’Neill and Collin Wendel for leading an auditorium of students and parents in taking the pledge.  And, we were amazed at the efforts of YAB member, Emerson DeBasio, for leading a campaign in Blue Valley North High School’s media department to make their own JLY Anti-bullying videos.

AMC theatres honored us with its 2015 AMC Cares grant.  And, with those funds we produced an MidAmerica Emmy award winning commercial, You’re Invited,  that was viewed thousands of time on cable channels across the midwest sending the message that we are all invited when it comes to understanding and accepting each other.

We are taking our production of Just Like You – Facial Anomalies to new levels by bringing on incredible partnering producers with not only national but international reach.  Thanks to the efforts of co-producer, Emily Eckles, we created new partnerships with Lisa Lori, of the Three Little Bears Organization, Operation Smile, Hannah Storm Foundation.  We are days away from a final draft of the script and have already begun shooting.  Click here for a sneak peak.

We have created incredible new alliances with organizations in other countries the Polish Autism Society, Icelandic Down Syndrome Association and Russian Down Syndrome and Autism Organizations.

This year more than ever, we have had a presence in our local community especially in our local news.  Thanks to the efforts of Alexis Del Cid and Robb Yagmin.  Alexis Del Cid, our MC of the Power of Film event, managed to put together a package for KCTV 5 and also spearheaded the efforts that led to us being awarded the KCTV 5 Take 5 to Care Grant.

Finally, you said yes to uncurling the world of diabetes and the 2015 Power of Film.  And, thanks to Anya Holmes and Wendy Zoog, our event co-chairs, the most generous honorary chairs to date, Jane and Bob Druten, all time high corporate sponsorships, a dedicated committee of volunteers and the momentum built by René and John Meara, Holly Mihalovich and Liz Orr – – Just Like You – Diabetes is fully funded and ready to begin production in 2016!!  And, we are off to a great start with the announcement of outstanding chairs for our 2016 Power of Film Event – Emily Eckles and Julie Bichelmeyer.

We can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.  Amazing things we’re sure.

All because you said yes to JLY Films.

We’re truly grateful for all of your support in 2015 and we look forward to continuing to use the power of films to create a more caring and compassionate world in 2016 and beyond.


Jen Greenstreet, CEO, Founder and Filmmaker

Just Like You Films’ Board of Directors and Officers, Emily Baldwin, Gary Brock, Kevin Cates, Kyle Claypool, Vanessa Connell, Alexis Del Cid, Amanda Durkin, Sally Ehrich, RN, Chris Greenstreet, Bill Hans, Anya Holmes, Marcia Jacelone, Laura Jones, Rene Meara, Laura Perin, Robb Yagmin