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cancer and down syndrome awareness charity

Our mission statement at Just Like You Films is simple:

We want to help raise the world’s first generation of children who are more compassionate and connected human beings because they understand that people are more alike than we are different.

Our series of films, translated into 3 languages and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, are just the start. Filmmaking will always be our core means of spreading awareness, but we’re adding blogging now to maximize the tools available to us to help spread our message. Through passage of knowledge and inspirational stories, we hope to end bullying and bring us all closer together.

While the current generation of kids and young adults can get a bad rap for a seeming lack of care for their fellow human, one needs to look no further than the news to see the best of next generation at work. The video below is everything we’re working towards. Watch as a high school football team helps their water boy (who has down syndrome) score a touchdown.

Just try to read some of the amazing quotes from the story without smiling ear-to-ear.

“It feels pretty good. I am a big senior now. I’m so happy. My parents are here today and we have a big night tonight,” said VanVooren, beaming from ear-to-ear. VanVooren has Down syndrome. Yet on this field, he’s always been one of the guys.

“He’s always positive. Walking down the sideline he’ll pat you on the back and say you’re doing a great job,” said senior fullback Chet Pereenboom.

His teammates said they wanted to repay him. So they and the whole town had an even bigger surprise waiting for VanVooren on the chilly October night.

Those are the types of stories that keep us going and fighting for our cause. We’re all humans and we all deserve to be treated well, regardless of any real or perceived differences in lifestyle, culture, or abilities.

Thank you for coming to our website and thank you for supporting our cause. With a little help, we can ensure that everybody lives in a compassionate and connected world.

Please do not hesitate to share your own stories with us, as we’re always happy to give them the spotlight they deserve. Help us create a better world, and be sure to stop by often as we share more insight, uplifting stories, and videos on living with diseases/disabilities and raising children with diseases/disabilities. It can be a rough world out there, so let’s work to make it better for everybody.

If you’re interested in learning more about Just Like You Films, head on over to our “films” page to learn more about Down Syndrome, Cancer, and Burn Victims. Next up, our Autism film premieres in December!